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With the click of a mouse, women can find men who are willing to donate their sperm for free — if they are willing to have sex with them.The process is gaining popularity and is very attractive to women who want a baby but cannot afford expensive clinics.The couple’s liaison lasted little more than five minutes and was conducted, in swift and furtive fashion, in a city car park late one Friday night.

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Also, donor conceived children sometimes develop health problems related to their father’s genetic makeup, for example they pass down the genes which may make them more susceptible to certain diseases such as diabetes or cancer.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. To me, and only me and my opinion, meeting a woman with a child via a donor differs very little from a single woman with kid(s). I suppose it would be like adopting for the guy if you get married..are right that it would take away a lot of drama not having the father and I am sure that guys would appreciate that.... To do otherwise is selfish and unfair to the adult it will become. At 40 plus 1-1/2 years to find a donor and carry the child plus 18 years puts you around 60 year before the child can be legally on their own. If a child does not know the other parent, there will come a time of questioning, confusion, and mixed feelings and emotions.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... The only (slightly) additional and/or different thoughts I would have (if introduced for the first time in order to DATE) towards a "donor" lady rather than a "naturally" single mother would be:1. OP - if a child is what you really want then it shouldn't matter what guys think. The RIGHT guy will be completely supportive and understanding of your decision and not only care about you, but your child as well. Also, national studies have shown that children psychologically development is best when both parents (mom and dad) are equally established in their life, if you go through with this then how are you going to take care of this? Over the years, I have dated, since my dear wife died.One donor, who preferred to remain anonymous and calls himself “Joe,” spoke with ABC News’ recently about the process.Joe says he has fathered more than 30 children by natural insemination.

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