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In Japanese the number 8 is pronounced as "hachi", which sounds close to "pachi" (パチ), which means "to applaud or clap".

Here you will find explanations of the words that utaite may use and terms that are often used to describe various utaite.

184 is a Nico Nico Douga term used in namahousous, which means "anonymous".

2828 pronounced Niya Niya (ニヤニヤ) literally means grinning or smiling. It is used as an adjective to describe a person who has pleasant characterization of sugar or honey, but without something salty, sourly or nothing bitter. tried to combine) is a mix of two or more renditions of a song. Rather, a person, often unrelated, takes a few singers' covers and combines them to make a chorus-like version.

Anison (アニソン) is a portmanteau of the words "anime" and "song", and refers to any song that originates from anime, whether it be an opening theme, ending theme, insert song, or character song. Unlike with You Tube choruses, the utaite in them are generally not involved. In general, BGM is an abbreviation of "background music".

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