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There were reports that women were trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation…The country is mainly a transit country for women and girls trafficked from countries in Eastern Europe and the Balkans to other parts of Europe for prostitution and labor exploitation.

Mya Diamond - Ország: Magyarország Színész jellemzői: tetovált , kicsi mell (A kosár) , vékony alkat , baba punci , hosszú haj , fekete haj , barna szem , tini Mandy Bright - Mandy Bright Flag of / Mónika / Kóti Mónika (Budapest, 1978.It is to the east side of the Adriatic Sea, to the east of Italy.It is bordered by Slovenia to the northwest, Hungary to the north, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast, Serbia in the east, and Montenegro to the south. Experts of the Humanitarian Law Center will be monitoring all media in Serbia (and foremost daily and weekly newspapers) to collect clippings wherein homosexuality (both male an female) is mentioned, with special attention given to homophobic articles by individual journalists as well as quotes of public personalities speaking on the subject, which occurrences are widely present in the public; The Humanitarian Law Center experts will use this database for a legal and sociological analysis of the extent of the violation of the rights of the same-sex-oriented people by, first and foremost, the media, and through them by the whole of Serbian society.The ARKADIJA Gay Lobby an the European Youth Association of Serbia will recur to this data base to prepare reports and to inform other groups who monitor human rights of people with same-sex orientation.

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