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NET 2.0 website for download at the end of this article.

(Like Visual Studio, SQL Server ships with a number of different "versions." The Express version is a free version that is designed for hobbyists, students, and the like. Customer ID - make it easier to rank results than was previously available with SQL Server 2000.

Rural is filled with people just like you: singles who want to connect with others who enjoy a peaceful, rural lifestyle.

These are just ideas that have been suggested or done have additional ones, please send those to [email protected] the list will be updated.

We encourage all members to organize a field trip that others can come along with! Acorn Trail – bike and pedestrian path throughout Rolla Arts and Crafts Festival, Pine St. Available once a semester or quarter, or ask about Conservation Kids Club for weekly experiments and nature lessons.

In this article we'll look at SQL Server 2005's rank-related functions, which simplify the process of assigning ranks to query results, retrieve results with a particular rank, and other rank-related tasks common to reporting. The Data Model and Ranked Results Basics Before we look at how to accomplish these common query patterns, let's first create a data model against which we can run these queries.

I am going to be using the free Express version of SQL Server 2005 for my demos, and have included the database and an ASP.

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