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Input validation should happen as early as possible in the data flow, preferably as soon as the data is received from the external party.Data from all potentially untrusted sources should be subject to input validation, including not only Internet-facing web clients but also backend feeds over extranets, from suppliers, partners, vendors or regulators[1], each of which may be compromised on their own and start sending malformed data.Sites are hacked daily, and as you build a site using PHP, you need to know how to keep it safe from the bad guys.PHP security is securing your site in PHP, to help prevent the bad guys from gaining unauthorized access to your site’s data.In complex situation you may like to apply some kind of validation to test if the number entered is digits only.It is very essential to have the input to your form validated before taking the form submission data for further processing.Web form processing is one of the most important tasks any website can do to process customer-related information.

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PHP form input validation is what separates amateur and professional PHP developers.Note: You can make web forms quickly with Simfatic Forms.Simfatic Forms helps you to make complete, feature rich web forms and get it online quickly. This generic PHP form validator script makes it very easy to add validations to your form.For example, “req” means required, “alpha” means allow only alphabetic characters and so on.Each field in the form can have zero, one or more validations.

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