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These vibrant, petite birds of the parrot family are strongly monogamous, taking pair bonding very seriously.

They often perch in close contact to each other and (just like embarrassing affectionate couples in restaurants on Valentines day) feed each other, which is known as “courtship feeding”. from the Woolly Caper Bush tree, Baobab tree and some fig tree species) and seeds (e.g. They spend a lot of time foraging on the ground but construct their nests in tree cavities, sometimes even abandoned buffalo-weaver nests.

I am a 2 year old lovebird with a Beak & Feather Disease which causes my feathers to fall off.

I am a happy birdie who loves to hang in everyone's shoulders and sing.

They like choosing broadleafed woodland area with water close-by.

The breeding season for these pretty green, yellow and orange birds is from January to March and in June and July.

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It means Rhea can’t grow feathers and is unable to fly.The female Lilian’s Lovebird incubates about 4 to 5 eggs for 22 days.After about 44 days from hatching, the chicks are ready to leave home.That is why we offer a comprehensive online service to help singles, or their parents, look at what’s on offer, arrange meetings with candidates – and ultimately be better placed to find Mr or Mrs Right. Browse through the profiles on this website and see what you think.Then set up your own profile and begin your romance adventure!

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