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The subcategories get incredibly specific, so if you know everything about One Direction, Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, the Royal Family, interior design, or wine, there’s a category where you can camp out and happily destroy all opponents. (How am I supposed to know who directed that episode? ) By signing in with Facebook, Quiz Up makes it pretty easy to flirt with people you already know – the app automatically shows you all your Facebook friends who are on Quiz Up, and you can challenge them to games or chat with them within the app.

The real test is how do you flirt with a stranger on Quiz Up, essentially turning the game app into a dating app? By selecting a category and hitting “Play Now,” Quiz Up will randomly match you with an opponent. After you play you’ll come to a results screen, which shows all kinds of stats from your game, and, importantly, their profile picture again.

Only a very bad date would consider shoddy music choice a dealbreaker, but probably don't go overboard on the Oasis suggestions on night one.

Maybe it's the bleeding heart East Coast elite liberal snowflake in me making this assumption, but no one wants to bone after several rounds of a deer murder simulator, unless you're doing a James Spader/Deborah Unger A simple game in which, unless you are a table shuffleboard fiend who grew up playing table shuffleboard with your friends and had a table shuffleboard set at home like some kind of complete weirdo, everyone is roughly as talented. Play it every day for the rest of your life and you will die happy with a killer forearm, but do not play it on a date.

The second big differentiator is that Twine is actively curating its user base in order to achieve a 50/50 balance of males to females using the app.

The reason for this is that men tend to be more active users of flirting and dating apps, so the women who are using whatever platform tend to get bombarded with texts, messages and so on.

She makes them all available for you to play with at .

Since then, a team within the strategy and design firm split off to begin working on a project called Twine, which essentially sought to create a better mobile solution for flirting with and meeting new people.

After a year in development and looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of “people discovery” apps like Highlight and mobile flirting apps like Tinder, today Twine is officially bringing its “ice breaking” app to the App Store and Google Play.

Unless you're hitting up New York's hottest speakeasy for infused gin cocktails that look like tiny cupcakes (not that there's anything wrong with that etc.

etc.), most bars—the divey and the bougie alike—allow for at least some kind of activity.

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