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The asking price will continue to go up and up as guys continue to pay it.

For reference the price for the local currency (AED) is about 3.7 to 1. The nice hotels are also meeting spots for many of the hookers and at some of them the hotel staff are involved in setting up the guests with the girls.

If you want to find a girl friendly hotel for your fiancé or long-term girl friend go here: Green hotels in Dubai list.

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If you want to meet, for example a Russian girl or Indian girl in Dubai please read on.The tour comes with complimentary beverages, including one alcoholic punch and a complimentary alcoholic drink.Additional drinks are for sale on board to accompany the lovely sunset cruise back to guests' hotels.Therefore, I have created a list of hotels and accommodations for tourists which I would give stars for allowing you to do this. Remember, the lady must have her original passport in most cases for lodging (sometimes a copy of their passport will do but many Russian girls do not have this for some reason).On the other hand some places of accommodations or inns do not require any passport or check of marriage at all.

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