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I don't care who you worship, as long as its not Satan or a giant Owl statue,, I was raised in a christian atmosphere, however don't try to drag me kicking and screeming to church , I practice with my band on Sundays My income or methods of income is my own personal business, I don't need a bookkeeper,, I do not need a maid!

If I'm not sleeping/playing video games/watching movies/flying aircraft online/jamming/writing lyrics/fixing cars/ fixing other broken down things/promoting/shopping/fishing/tanning/painting/or feeding the cat,, then I must be cleaning the house and yard;) I am a good protector, but I'm not a hit-man, If I was , I would be one of the best, I am in an 82nd family, I do not hunt or kill for sport, my Cherokee side forbids it, if you notice , the Cherokee side has also robbed me of my chest-hair, I believe it was a pentance for my sins in my former life,, I am not looking for a central controller or for someone to hook me by the nose and lead me around, nor do I want a woman to wear the "pants" because I do not look good in a "dress", If a relationship occurs out of our dating, then oh well,if it happens ,,, it happens,,, that doorway is always open, , I am a musician, with you/without you , I will still be a musician,and one more thing, I will not cheat on you, that is my word, and what good is a man whos not true to his word, however if I decide I want to be with someone else, I will end our relationship first , I would expect no less from you, the pain of your leaving would be far less for me,than the pain for my clap clinic visit,,also I would expect you to at least have a part-time job or better, this is for you , not for me, I dont want your money or charity, I only want to make it on my own steam, also,, Before I was doing the Alice Tribute, I was doing a Black Sabbath tribute,, just in case your a Sab fan,, I am too, ,please feel free to contact me if you have any questions that I'v not covered here,or if you just want to chat, ,,,hugggs!!

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I'l put one in without the grease paint as soon as possible,, I don't drink myself , but I don't mind a light drinker, I smoke, but nothing that is not natural, so the first one that lights up a crack or crank pipe or pulls out hypo's , or trys to solicite prosution,,,will find themselves walking home or worse ,,,arrested, I have zero tolerance for that kind of activity,,,if you are bi or a lesbian, transvese,morphadite, -queen or was a man before you became a woman through the miracle of medicine , or you listen to alternative music,, again don't bother me, I will do a back ground check on you , so if you have any felonies,maybe you should explain now,rather than me finding out later which will result in guaranteed disaster ok, that being said, I work alot in the public eye, and do not need to have child abusers/rapists/murderers/or thieves in my circle of friends, I love family, but I don't want to date yours, if you have to call mama daily or the sun rises and sets on your family, then your not secure enough,, to date me,,, I believe my last g/f left me because her dad needed a drinking buddy to go to the dog-track with and I wouldn't fill the bill.Girls in the mood to pose hot while spinning large inches of dick between their legs in truly fantastic scenes of porn.Hot girls with dyed hair in a large collection of rare amateur porn to provide top moments of lust.In older individuals the accepted gender may be reinforced by the appropriate surgical procedures and by hormonal therapy.Only girls with dyed hair, enjoying some really hot and kinky porn moments with men.

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