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Sophisticated criminals who are booted off a website simply return later using the same device but with new log-in credentials.Threat Metrix device identification reveals in real-time the true location of a computer, quickly catching first-time fraudsters as well as those attempting to return to a site with new credentials.New Fraud Prevention Technology Reveals the True Location of Devices Used in Online Transactions, Enabling Online Businesses to Catch Criminals Before the First Transaction and Stop Bad Guys from Returning LOS ALTOS, CA – August 25, 2009 –Threat Metrix, the leading device identification software company for reducing online fraud, today announced that Chellaul Corporation, a leader in niche dating sites, has deployed Threat Metrix to catch fraudsters before they gain access to dating site services and also to keep previous offenders from returning to the websites.Chellaul Corporation selected Threat Metrix after a comprehensive review of device identification vendors.

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We are not just focused on big brands and publications.By using a hidden proxy scammers can pretend to be in one location, frequently a US city, when the device they are actually using to execute a fraudulent transaction is located in another country all together.Online businesses without device identification solutions are hard-pressed to keep scammers off their websites.“We knew member fraud was a problem but we couldn’t stop it,” said Samuel Bates, co-founder and CTO at Chellaul.“Scammers were coming back faster than we could kick them out because we had no way of tracking them. We can now keep track of compromised devices so anyone attempting to log-in with one is immediately flagged.

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