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Opened in 1908 this fine Edwardian building houses West Sussex's largest museum.Permanent displays include archaelogy, one of the UK's largest costume collections, local history and decorative art.In the mineshafts, drawings of an Earth Spirit and phalluses may have been used to protect the fertility of the mines.At Blackpatch, remains of what appear to be miners' huts have been found. We designed the logo to reflect the changes that have taken place over the last year at Heartventure.We want to show everyone that Heartventure is about supporting adults with learning disabilities to meet and socialise in a safe and secure environment.For example, he is a member of ISCAST, an organization devoted to defending theistic evolution, including leaders who claim that Jesus made mistakes in his teaching (see documentation in The Skeptics and their ‘Churchian’ Allies and ISCAST responds; reply by CMI).In 2005, he taught a Tabor course , where, according to detailed notes a student gave to us, he made almost no use of the Bible; instead, fallible long-age evolutionary ‘science’ was clearly his authority.

The trail consists of a portable and changing series of displays using Worthing Museum and Art Gallery's (WMA) costume collection, and is hosted in showcases by local businesses.

An untapped resource, the collection is one the largest in the UK.

Working with local groups of children WMA will host research workshops to link the costumes with points of local history and showcase that research alongside the costumes throughout Worthing Members of the public can able to follow the trail using a trail-map.

The aim is not to single out the named colleges, nor to imply that they are the worst colleges around.

These articles also show that one cannot totally rely on any particular College’s Statement of Faith without, for example, written assurance that all teaching staff abide by it.

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