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We can’t pretend that it is easy, as the world of dating has been changing recently, so maybe now is the time to pause and take stock of where you are currently at.

Online Dating has been extraordinarily popular over the last decade or so but we know it isn’t for everybody and recently it has attracted some severe criticism in the media, with the Financial Times (one of the UK’s most respected media brands) and the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme Panorama, being seriously critical of some of the malpractices that came to light, which included heavy handed and sharp selling practices aimed at new joiners, fake profiles potentially running into millions, online dating fraud now running at more than £30 million and highly confidential and personal data of valued clients being bought and sold without permission or even their knowledge.

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We also seek to recruit organisers for our events across the county of South Yorkshire and details of our franchise packages can be found on our franchise page.

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So if you are currently seeking an attractive, professional partner, who has been personally interviewed, checked and thoroughly vetted, then we’d love to help.

Maybe you’re new to dating and have just come out of a long relationship or marriage or perhaps you have been looking but have not been able to find your Mr or Ms Right as yet?

S'il vous plaît nous contacter par e-mail si vous avez des questions.

The dress code is smart, and numbers are limited to 20 of each gender to ensure that you spend as much time as possible with each date.

So we are very confident we can help, our database being largely made up of professional and business people or academics and certainly not the type of people you would be likely to find through online dating. Well our initial conversation and advice to you is always completely free, so why not allow us to talk you through the options that we have?

You can ring us at our cost on 08 or email us at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you.

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