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Many had put Corp Logo Ware on credit hold months earlier and others were just beginning to realize the extent of the problems. (), had recently sent a ,000 Corp Logo Ware bill to a collection agency.

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The Settlement will provide a free visual inspection, replacement of failed panels, potential replacement of all BP solar panels, and/or installation of a new inverter with arc fault detection for eligible class members.

For additional details regarding the settlement please visit An million settlement has been reached between plaintiffs and Suntech America, Inc., Wuxi Suntech Power Co. doing business as Eagle Solar, and ASI Liquidating Co., Inc. and Open Energy Corporation), related to 34 watt solar tiles manufactured between 20.

Counselor spoke with one supplier who claims that Corp Logo Ware tried to settle a bill in early March with a bad check. () fulfilled an order for Corp Logo Ware that was placed on February 15 and had an in-hand date of February 29.

Truebite delivered the goods, but didn’t receive payment, so executives followed up with Corp Logo Ware to get paid for the ,300 order.

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