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You'd think the fake family ties would make things weird in the real world. Just ask these couplescouples who played brother and sister in front of the camera.Although I guess it's better than if real-life siblings played on-screen lovers. Still, somehow these celebrity couples who played siblings have worked through any issues, at least when it comes to getting their work done. While playing brother and sister on screen might have worked for some couples like Lauren Graham and Peter Krause, it didn't work out so well for others.The star is father to an 11-year-old son named Roman from his relationship with ex-girlfriend Christine King.NEW YORK (CBS) Lauren Graham is speaking out about her relationship with "Parenthood" co-star Peter Krause. "Nobody knew about it for a while, because we like to be at home, cooking and not going out," she told the magazine.

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After forty-six years of marriage, they've managed to keep their foundation intact by burying their problems underneath the surface for the sake of their now-adult children. Although they have some similarities, it does contain the spirit. I relate to the circumstances between the siblings. My only fear is every time I love something it gets canceled.It's easy to understand that sometimes when sparks fly on screen, they also fly off screen. It's makes our favorite television and movie romances come alive.But what if two actors are playing brother and sister on screen?reunion, and the only thing that would make it better is if they’d all come over to my house afterwards.Amy Sherman-Palladino created the show, inspired by a visit to the Mayflower Inn in Washington, Connecticut.

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