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The man in this category is usually college-educated, affluent, and very financially generous with women of interest.A Beta male with a few Alpha traits is usually a man who is, or used to be, a “Mama’s boy” type and has bought into the belief that the most effective way to attract and maintain the interest of desirable women is to offer to spend money on women, ‘wine and dine’ women, woo and court women, and offer to take care of women financially and pay most if not all of the expenses for the women who agree to be their romantic companion or wife.Another thing is, being the dominant is not an easy job, a woman is way more free if she doesn’t have the burden of carrying that hard job! You’re responsible for her, for the kids, for the relationship, for the health, wealth and future of every member of your family.Young and naive feminist women want to take the dominant role but while they learn about life, they realize one thing: being the dominant doesn’t mean having all what you want, easy, every day! To be the dominant, you need to have a desire to be the responsible one, to plan for the future and guide the others, to initiate things, to support, encourage and take the responsibility for failures and problems. If your house catches fire and one of your kids is stuck inside, you’re the one who is going to risk or even give his life to save them. This is a heavy job, and this is one of the reasons that drive women sooner or later to desire the freedom that the submissive role provides.Can you think of a woman that you so badly want to be with right now. Being a man is about reaching your own personal apex. All night…Imagine being with this dream girl, getting along just perfect, deeply in love, and having passionate sex every day.The basic reason why women are attracted to more dominant men is mainly because they figure: if he can’t even handle me, how the hell he is going to be able to protect me from anything else?No matter how much feminist brainwashing they have been influenced by, it’s part of their core instincts!

On the one hand, women have the natural imperative to select optimal genetic traits, one way of making that selection easy is through hierarchically superior men, a.k.a. On the other hand, women want men who can materially provide for their families, commit to a long-term relationship, and enjoy interacting with children, a.k.a.

: Beta male with a few Alpha traits More informal nicknames and alternative labels: “Henpecked Husband,” “Nice Guy,” “A Sweetheart of a Man,” “Polite Gentleman,” “Breadwinner,” “Financial Favor Provider,” “Sugar Daddy,” “Mr.

Passive-Aggressive,” “Husbitch,” “Pussy Whipped“ : Men who fall into the ‘Beta male with a few Alpha traits’ category tend to capture the attention of women by offering women some degree of financial assistance or financial support, and they also tend to promise women an undying sense of indefinite marital or relationship monogamy.

It’s about becoming the best version of yourself, improving your confidence, honing your social skills and understanding female psyche.

Warning: This article is long, but if you don’t read this article you may experience: Dedicate the time to read this article or you may experience a lifetime of mediocrity with women, settling for less than you deserve and boring sex to the point where Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Game of Thrones is more pleasurable than sex..

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